Inbentus, Innovation and Engineering

Inbentus is an engineering, consulting and medical technology company that was born with a multidisciplinary purpose thanks to the initiative of a group of professionals and leading companies in different sectors that have joined efforts and knowledge to provide solutions through the creation of innovative products.

Engineering at life’s service

Thanks to the network of contacts and the relational capacity of the company, its range of action to develop projects with the collaboration of private and public companies allows Inbentus to offer technological vanguard and innovation in short periods of time. Especially important when designing and manufacturing products as necessary as the SAV-19, an automatic mechanical ventilator to face the Covid-19 and the world health crisis.

Located in the Region of Murcia, we have a clear commitment to the development of new technologies, focusing on human capital as a form of growth.

Continually exploring new professional synergies for the production expansion and excellence of each project. Medical technology needs a certified precision and safety that we fully guarantee.



Our aim as a company is to offer specific solutions to real problems, adapting each project in a personalized way to the needs of the client.

Our department of engineers, technicians and consultants develop, produce and market products with a high added value, an affordable cost ratio to establish the scalability relationship and a personalized support with attention to detail.



4.0 Industry is facing very important challenges when it comes to offering systems and technological alternatives with an increasingly limited degree of specialization.

Inbentus offers a quality network between different sectors related to engineering, technology and health while betting on the continuous training of its employees, which allows it to maintain a high standard of competitiveness.



The vocation of Inbentus establishes a clear commitment between industrial innovation and technological capacity, with the security of presenting quality products with guaranteed results.

Our group of experts, facing the need of strategic alliances and the socioeconomic problems of Spain in the last years, is constituted with a decisive purpose for the common benefit with precise, economic and flexible solutions.