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The SAV-19 device is an automatic mechanical ventilation system with high performance characteristics according to the operating regimes defined by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products. The artificial respirator allows those infected with the Covid-19 virus access to pulmonary ventilation in the event of a shortage of CE-marked ventilators.

Solution against Covid-19

As a response to the Covid-19 crisis, our goal was to develop a high performance ventilator to help as many hospitals and clinical centers as possible, created in collaboration with different mechanical and automation expert engineers together with medical personnel specialized in intensive care.

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SAV-19 is designed with the best components and systems of recognized global brands such as Siemens, SMC.

The device has both configurable and non-configurable safety alarms that ensure safe breathing for both patients needing invasive mechanical ventilation treatments and the user.

Additionally, it has a battery that ensures full autonomy for 30 minutes.



The user interface and touch screen have a simple and intuitive design, developed together with medical specialists in mechanical ventilation. The configuration methods allow easy use of the cycling parameters and alarms.

The ventilator also has a fast alarm display that captures the user’s attention, with an alarm report that can be consulted by the medical team.



The Inbentus team has developed this automatic ventilator with a lean design that allows scalable mass reproduction from 200 to 500 units per week.

This is vital for saving lives of patients in serious danger, either because of lack of stock of critical components or the very lack of invasive ventilation systems.

Responsibility and Security

Faced with a global alarm situation and the need for a greater number of medical equipment for assisted ventilation due to the Covid-19 health crisis, the SAV-19 project was born with the leadership of Adimur, together with a team of engineers and doctors who are references in the Region of Murcia and the fundamental collaboration of the University of Murcia. Thanks to this, it was possible to design and create in record time a mechanical ventilation system that can provide the necessary medical means and tools in times of constant change and adaptation to save as many lives as possible.

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