Inbentus offers engineering, consulting and medical technology services of proven quality with a competitive production capacity offering real solutions to specific problems in the market.

We offer a wide range of industrial innovation services and medical tools to public and private companies with an integral collaboration that defines the objectives and needs of their activity.


Medical Technology

The experience of a multidisciplinary team of doctors and technicians specialized in intensive care guarantees that the highest quality standards are met both in the integral design of products and in the consequent quality processes at a production level adapted to clinical needs.

The flexibility and safety of the regulations in each procedure ensure the inspection, support and repair of our products.


Engineering and industrial development

Our engineering and industrial development department has a dynamic design and production network that allows great assistance and competitiveness in a very short response time.

At the same time, we establish the optimization of products and customer costs that best fit each project.


Consulting and Networking

Inbentus has a field of action and strategic alliances between private companies and public entities with an important economic and social component.

For that reason, we create and revitalize the projects by valuing and relating the best professionals of the sector according to the scalability and the urgency of the project, making possible complex solutions in direct opportunities.


Product and Support

All our services and products, such as the SAV-19 mechanical ventilator, have exclusive customer service to respond to any type of problem resolution.

Equipment maintenance and protection of your investment is covered by inspection and diagnosis by our professionals.